4 Ways The Role Of The CMO Has Changed As A Result Of The Pandemic

I find that role of the CMO has been changing so much from all types of digital transformation.  The marketing effort has had to take on more responsibilities around lead generation and revenue generation. 

The increase of sales enablement teams who bridge the gap between marketing and sales is a big indication of this shift for most companies. Demand generation teams who report to the CMO and not the CRO is another indication of this ongoing trend. 

I came across this article today on Forbes. At FunnelAmplified, we resonate with #3 on this list. Personalization at scale is necessary to provide more nuanced, relevant and useful materials for both their team and buyers. With the challenges of content overload, buyers are looking to individuals to help them with their buying journey. 

CMO’s need to be responsible for creating systems at scale that meet the buyer’s journey and how they want to engage with content and companies. This means they need to radically redefine how they provide content and formats they provide that content for buyers.

CMO’s are tasked with making fast decisions, using as much data as they can and provide tools like content for the entire organization. This has traditionally been a pain point for most companies. It is no longer a pain that can be ignored. 

Buyers have spoken. They control their journey and the CMO needs to adjust and adjust quick.  

This article is published on:https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesagencycouncil/2021/04/16/4-ways-the-role-of-the-cmo-has-changed-as-a-result-of-the-pandemic/?sh=652857542814

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