Do you have a “digital hope”​ sales strategy?

I just had to share this article by my partnerTim Hughes. 

There was a recent Gartner webinar called:

Panel Discussion: 8 Questions to Prepare CSOs for Postpandemic Success

You can find the entire webinar here,  and it features Steve Herz, Maria Boulden and DaveEgloff from Gartner who talk about companies that have a “digital hope” strategy

This is very important information for sales leaders.  Here are 3 key takeaways from the article. You can access a link to the entire article below. 

1. Sales will not “figure out” digital on their own. Gartner says that many organizations have a “hope” approach that sales will figure out digital. This doesn’t make any sense when sales training is so critical to sales success. I would expect organizations to invest in full time digital and social sales trainers because their future success requires it. 

2. Sales Enablement is not going to solve the revenue challenge. Gartner says organizations are throwing everything at sales enablement and hope it will figure out digital. 

3. Digital and social need to be data-driven. Of course, right??  But, how?  I laid out a method in this blog for marketing and sales to collaborate on first-party intent data as well as social influences on buyers. Many marketers are nervous of social because they don’t believe they can measure it. This article outlines KPI’s for social that leads gain helps sales and marketing leaders gain confidence in a strategic and measurable approach. 

Bottom line from Garter is that “careers will be made in the next 18 months”. Make wise decisions everyone! 

This article is published on:https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/do-you-have-digital-hope-strategy-timothy-tim-hughes-%25E6%258F%2590%25E5%25A7%2586-%25E4%25BC%2591%25E6%2596%25AF/

In the recent Gartner webinar  Panel Discussion: 8 Questions to Prepare CSOs for Postpandemic Success Which you can access here, Steve Herz, Maria Boulden and Dave Egloff from Gartner talk about companies that have a "digital hope" strategy. What they mean is.

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