How do you measure SALES results?

Hello and welcome to another 60-second digital sales tip!

How do you measure SALES results?

I know…by your newly invoiced customers!

While that’s certainly the End-Game, but it’s only one metric in a complete series of steps that should all be measured and quantified.

For instance…

  • How many new accounts did you research on LinkedIn this week?
  • How many customers did you follow and support online?
  • How many prospects did you follow and support online?
  • How many new connections did you make this week?
  • How many new conversations did you start? 
  • How many new virtual coffees did you schedule? 
  • How many new articles did you post on social media this week?
  • How many 3rd party articles did you share with comments this week? 

These are examples of the key digital activities that should be included in your daily and weekly sales cadence

With weekly targets and KPIs in place, your follow-through are the next steps…

Measuring all of these metrics will lead to the ultimate goal…new and engaged customers!

Now all that is left to do is … repeat, repeat, repeat! 

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