Website Or Social Media?

Website Or Social Media?

I was recently asked by a client what’s more important, their website or their social media? 

This is not a one size fits all question, nor is the answer


There was a time when your website was the most important digital asset you had

That time is now way past over

While your website is still one of your more important digital assets, your online presence is more important and is determined primarily by your social media activity

There is a direct correlation between how active your website is and how active your social media channels are

While the SEO of your website is valuable it is no longer the determining factor

Today customers, employees, prospects, and just the curious are much more likely to learn about you via social media…or not

It’s now more likely that from your social media they will be directed to your website via the links you provide rather than organically 

This changes everything

This means the content you create (or not) on social media will determine your digital presence and therefore whether people will easily find you

However, just having social media accounts full of corporate spam won’t work either

A digital strategy requires your people and organization to become accessible and human to all those who would buy from you

So, yes, your website is important, but in many cases, your social media is more important…

Without engaging, fun, and interesting digital & social media, your website no longer exists

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