What’s Your Sales Cadence?

Did you hit your January Sales Targets? 

I know…the month is not officially over yet!

Well, I think you can safely predict your results now!

So sure, your revenue target is goal #1, as is the number of new customers signed…

But what are the other targets that got you there?

  • How many new connections did you make?
  • How many new posts did you make (curated or original)
  • How many new engagements and conversations did you have?
  • How many new touches did you make on target contacts and accounts?
  • How many new target accounts did you research and set up? 
  • How many new opportunities did you initiate?
  • How many new zoom or video meetings did you hold?
  • How many new proposals did you send?

These are just some of the numbers that tell me what your month was really like

Not only will these be relevant for January, but all the hard work through digital sales cadence will ensure that February is even better

If you keep up these digital activities your Q1 is going to be amazing! 

Your digital and social sales cadence will determine your future

What’s your Digital Sales Cadence? 

If your company is not yet offering digital sales training isn’t it time you took control of your own sales career?

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