3 steps to be a LEADER on Social Media!

3 steps to be a LEADER on Social Media 

As a leader, how do you start on Social Media?

Great question! 

So we have established that all leaders need to be active on social media

We have established all the amazing benefits of doing so, but …


  1. Get all your profiles completed and set up so you look like a “human” that wants to share with the world!
  • This means on all social media relevant to your customers…so this is LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YES, Facebook (although, this can be done through a business page) 
  • In addition, any others that your customers may be active on or relevant to your industry
  1. Begin to write and share content
  • Tell the STORY about how you started your business or how you started
  • Share your team’s content with a human touch!
  • Share industry insights with your own voice…adding your experience and knowledge
  • None of this needs to be longwinded or full of research! Keep it short and concise
  • So this means, connecting, sharing, commenting and just being “SEEN” on social media
  • Again, not just on LinkedIn but everywhere your customers are
  • In fact, find your best customers and start engaging with their content and teams
  • In addition, do the same with prospective customers and leaders…
  • 30 minutes/day…can you afford to invest that? 

All of this seems daunting.

But, it’s not.

Firstly, finding and using a digital tool that will help you do all of this quickly and from one platform with make this soooo much easier! 

Let’s talk!

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