How to hire a sales superstar in 2022!

How to hire a sales superstar in 2022

Hello and welcome back to another episode of the “60” second digital sales tip!

Let’s face it, hiring today is tough and hiring the right people with the right skills who won’t quit is even tougher! 

Arguably sales are one of the toughest and yet most important positions you need to fill.

I know you already gave HR the overview of what you’re looking for, but when was the last time that job description was updated?

Further, and not to be negative, does HR really know what you need to work with today’s digitally savvy customers and buyers? 

Your best candidates have these things in common no matter what industry you are in…

  1. They have an up to date and compelling profile on LinkedIn
  2. They are active in their industry with a strong network of contacts across their social profiles
  3. They are also actively engaging with their customers and contacts online through their profiles

If they meet these critical criteria, you can continue to vet them for the other specific industry experience you may be looking for.

If they do not meet these criteria move on unless you have a robust digital training program for them upon being hired.

Now if you don’t yet know how to determine if they meet these “3” critical criteria, let me know and I would be happy to quickly show you…it’s not difficult or time-consuming but it will save you ten’s of thousands of dollars in recruiting and hiring costs!!

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