These AI Mistakes Are Slowly Killing Your Customer Experience

“5” AI mistakes to avoid with automating your CX

Over-Automation, Under-Personalization

  • Yes, customers want AI and the speed it provides, but No, they don’t want a totally impersonal experience that removes the human touch!

Lagging Behind Customer Expectations

  • Customers expect their answers now, not later! 
  • Delivering a slow response through automation is no service at al

Ignoring Real-Time Signals

  • With all the data now at your fingertips, your ability to support customers in real-time is assumed!

Not Preparing Staff For Bigger Tasks

  • Now your teams can focus on supporting those customers who go beyond the AI’s abilities and to be reaching out to grow revenues rather than just maintain them!

Not Measuring Success (And Failure)

  • If you don’t measure what is working, you are doomed…measure everything!

Today CX is your future, most of your customer and revenue growth will come from the experience you create for your customers both new and existing. 

If AI is the future, how do your current traditional CX services add up? 

This article is published on:https://www.forbes.com/sites/theyec/2022/03/03/these-ai-mistakes-are-slowly-killing-your-customer-experience/?sh=3381eacc338b

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