Do your leaders need training?

Great Leadership makes a difference!

We can talk about all the examples we might know of but the numbers tell the story best!

  • Up to 32% of your current turnover can be reduced through great leadership!
  • Only 30% of current employees in the US are considered actively engaged at work!
  • 58% of employees say that poor management is the biggest impediment to their success and productivity!
  • Your total sales can be reduced by as much as 7% due to poor leadership!!

Training is the key.

Often leaders become leaders quickly and without training…this leads to the statistics we see as to results

Before you promote, hire or create your most valuable resource, it’s time to ensure today’s leadership skills are in place.

Today, March 11, 2022, we are fortunate to have as a guest on our DigitizeHQ Live event…Adam Ritchie.

As a partner in PurposePoint he is going to speak to us about leadership in the digital age in 2022.

Join us! 

LinkedIn Live with Adam Ritchie!

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