Is Social Media to blame?

Is Social Media to blame?

Professor Scott Galloway makes the most important point in this article and it’s not about social media…

It’s about our societies and more importantly people, you and me.

Our collective attention spans can be beaten by a female fish fly that is born and dies in minutes! 

We have lost the ability to put value where it belongs and instead lurch from one shiny topic to the next.

Social media has not necessarily caused this but it certainly facilitates it! 

The fact that TikTok is now / ByteDance a $360 Billion dollar company is entirely built on our nonexistent attention spans.

Yes, social media has given us easy and immediate access to mind-numbing entertainment of all sorts but there are other examples of our collective short-sightedness…

Case in point, the products, and services we buy…

Instead of buying quality products that last we buy throw-away crap that only last as long as our attention spans! 

Yes, social media can be and is abused…but it is us that need to be refocused not the services and products that we can choose to ignore if we want to…

It is in fact our “VALUES” that need to be addressed and everything else will follow.

Thanks again Professor Scott Galloway for creating another collective “Think”. 

This article is published on:https://www.profgalloway.com/wmds/

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