How many ways can your customers reach you?

How many ways can your customers reach you?

If you have had an opportunity to read some of my content you know I am a strong advocate for online digital communication.

That means pro-actively using social media and digital as your main communication lines with customers, suppliers, vendors, prospects, and your teams. 

The fact is that most companies in the B2B space focus on email and voice only for their communication.

Why is this a bad idea?

  1. Creates substandard levels of customer support
  2. People have created a growing shift to digital interactions
  3. Changing demographics of customers
  4. The COVID-19 impact on sales, service, and support
  5. Not using CX as the competitive differentiator it should be

What are some of the reasons companies are so slow to catch up?

  1. Technical challenges with implementing misaligned software and workflow processes
  2. A lack of an agreed-upon and supported omnichannel vision
  3. Training and personnel issues
  4. Privacy issues

The bottom line is that your customers are not waiting for you.

They have moved on.

This is costing you much more than you think and yet it is such an easy and cheap fix!

Are you ready to learn how?

Let’s talk! 


This article is published on:https://finance.yahoo.com/news/omnichannel-engagement-becoming-centerpiece-customer-091500296.html

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