Get Out the Map: Aligning Sales Processes to the Buyer’s Path

As more data comes out on the challenges sellers face, it is very clear that buyers control their buying journey. What does this mean for sales reps?

Seller MUST adapt to buyers!

At the bottom of this page there is a link to an article from CSO Insights that is worth a read to understand how great the need is for sellers and their organizations. The good news is that some teams have figured it out and have changed the selling process in order to match their buyer’s process.

This article references how sellers need to track buyer’s progress along their decision making path. At FunnelAmplified, we created an AI-driven feature to help sellers understand buyers better through being able to see their blog attributions to gain insights into their needs. This is not a total blatant plug for our solution.

I share this because we need to understand more of what buyer’s want and need BEFORE we try to move them into a buying process or conversation. if we sellers don’t, buyers will just move on to other sellers who will meet their requests for the right information and process for them. It’s that simple.

Need to win more deals? Adjust to the buyer’s path!

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Sales organizations that align their sales process and methodology to the buyer’s path have higher win rates and higher quota attainment.

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