Is the phone still a sales tool?

Hello and welcome back to another 60-second digital sales tip

Is the phone still a sales tool? 


However, the days of making a living by cold-calling people are over! 

Today it’s all about getting to a warm call, where a customer is already familiar with us based on our online profile. 

Not only does our profile provide a way for customers to see who we are and if we are legitimate but it also gives us the opportunity to engage. 

It’s from this online engagement that we can develop a warm call or a zoom call…

Now, based on our online credibility we can easily speak with customers who are truly interested in learning more. 

Isn’t that what sales is all about? Helping customers and prospects understand how we can help?

Let me ask you…

Would you rather make endless cold calls with low results or would you rather make targeted warm calls with very high success rates? 

Seems like a no-brainer…BUT, so many, especially old-school sales leaders still believe cold calling is best. 

Well, If you want a long-term successful career in sales, it’s time to learn how to make Warm Calls!

Let’s talk! 

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