What if the Tech Companies controlled the world?

What if the Tech Giants controlled the world? 

1) What if Amazon owned all the roads they deliver packages on? 

2) What if Google, owned all search engines? (already dominates usage at 91%!!)

3) What if Facebook-Meta owned all social media and the Metaverse?

4) What if Microsoft owned all software? 

5) What if all four collectively owned 66% of all fiber cabling on planet earth? 

While the first 4 may seem unlikely the 5th is now true

Should we be concerned that such a critical component in the world’s communication network be controlled by “3” massive tech companies? 

Collectively they own or control the data centers in the world from which 95% of the world’s information flows

The good news about technology is that it is always changing. 

What seems indestructible and unchangeable today will change overnight with disruptive new advancements yet to come!

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This article is published on:https://www.wsj.com/articles/google-amazon-meta-and-microsoft-weave-a-fiber-optic-web-of-power-11642222824

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