What is Digital Enablement?

You have heard of Sales Enablement…. but what is digital enablement?

Whereas most sales enablement tools and concepts are built around traditional sales methods

Digital takes these tools to the online world leveraging digital media and digital engagement to get much better results

Sales enablement tools still focus on elaborate email and telemarketing methodologies that often produce poor results

These tools are often disguised as great new Martech but under the hood…more automated email and AI is all you will find…

In addition, they focus on booking demo’s and meetings by calling through website and paid advertising conversions that no longer reach customers as they once did

So what are some of the key activities that Digital Enablement addresses:

     1) Digital prospecting

  • Connecting with leaders and teams of target prospective accounts
  • Engaging with leaders and teams of target accounts                      
  •  Setting up a digital cadence of activity with weekly, monthly, and quarterly KPIs

      2) Digital learning, customer experience & buyer enablement

  • Microsites / Content hubs
  • Microsites / Buyer hubs 

       3)   Online customer and buyer events

  • webinars, digital tradeshows, and in-person events

       4)   Online customer onboarding and training support

       5)   Ongoing real-time customer engagement and support with all key stakeholders

       6)   Engaging with active account contacts while fully developing as many as possible

              within customer accounts

  •   This, in order to maximize account growth, revenues, and retention rates                                                  

This all sounds great, but how to do it?

One time training and Rah-Rah sessions won’t do it

But a digital platform that trains while it creates new behaviors and results will

This is not like anything you have used before but then that’s precisely why it works

This is about changing behaviors by updating your sales, CX, and marketing process from analog to digital   

Are you finally ready to actually go digital? 

Let’s get started

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