11 biggest sales trends in 2022

Are you procrastinating? 

Funny as I was reading this I realized it could have been written last year or the year before that with the same relevancy!

This is really the same list of recommendations we’ve been reading for years now … from AI and sales automation to customer experience and online engagement 

Yes, it’s all the same but… what have YOU actually put in place that is getting results? 

You see the challenge as we come to the end of another year, is not all the options and opportunities available…

No, it’s you!

Change is risky and risk creates fear … this leads to paralysis or the decision to not make a decision

The good news is that you don’t have to bet the farm! 

You can take small steps to prove out any concept that makes the most sense

We call these POC’s or “Proof of Concepts” and we do them all the time

This year, 2022 that is…let’s put some new ideas into action!

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