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What If Apple ran the world?

Reading this article from Professor Scott Galloway I could not help but think about how successful Apple has become in a world full of chaos

Chaos is never far away and never will be

But such singular purpose and goals are too often unfulfilled

To see such an amazing brand have the opportunity that this article outlines in of itself highlights what we as humans are capable of

I am not saying that “Apple” or for that matter “Tim Cook” should run the world

I am saying we are capable of greatness and currently “Apple” is a shining example of that

If we could put away our selfish ambitions and focus on the singular goals as to what is best for humankind instead of anyone brand or nation…well our world and our species could truly have a future without equal

Always a pleasure to read such brilliant articles as this on a Sunday morning! 

This article is published on:https://www.profgalloway.com/apple-thief/

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