Stop Guessing: Digital Experimentation is the Future of Marketing

Do you test your content?

Just posting content is not good enough

Aside from engagement which is what brings content to life, there are other factors that can make it effective…or not


What’s the goal?

  • Is it a “Call To Action” or CTA?
  • Is it a general article designed to help your network?
  • Is it targeted at specific customers or buyers?

These are but some of the many questions that need to be answered everytime you post!

Once you have answered you can move on to testing how to get the best results

Doing this manually is a challenge

There are many digital tools available for this but…doing this from a digital enablement platform is the best way as you can fold many of the key tools needed into one platform that provides you a 360 degree view of all results from all activities from CX through to Sales & Digital Marketing 

Digital Enablement for Marketing

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