Are you demoralizing your teams?

Are you demoralizing your teams?

More Cold Emails!

More Cold Calling! 

More mindless sharing of corporate content! 

Are these the messages your organization continues to send to all your teams? 

Not only are you going to lose your best people, but you’re also going to lose a lot more customers! 

To make this even more complicated, there are many so-called sales enablement tools and products whose primary goal is to continue this process!!

So much so… that every day I get a new spam email from one or more of them telling me how to write the “PERFECT” email for the most amazing sales conversions ever!!!

I call “BS!”

Even many marketing and advertising agencies are still pushing these same interruptive methods and want you to continue using their email services or spam marketing practices…

Your prospective customers don’t want more spam!!

Heck, even your customers don’t want more email

What do they want?

They want to have real human-to-human interactions with you where they actually are…

Believe it or not, they don’t sit around watching their inboxes waiting for the perfect email header 

Nor do they listen to all those spam voicemails listening for that one perfect one!


Your customers and prospective customers are all in active conversations right now, but you have not joined the digital party…

Join them! They are all on Messenger, SMS, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc

Join us for an overdue discussion about how to stop demoralizing your teams while dramatically improving your results!

Never Cold Call Again! 

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