Are You Hiring?

Are you hiring? 

Recently one of my clients asked for my help in writing up a job description for a sales position they are filling.

So she sent me their current job description.

These are just a couple of the requirements:

  • You will make 50+ cold calls and send 50+ personalized emails per day. 
  • You are responsible for your own prospecting lists to reach your daily cadences

What’s worse?

Not a word or mention of ANY requirement for a strong personal brand or digital skills of any kind!!

In fact, in the communication requirements, the only skills mentioned were email writing and telephone skills. 


No wonder the retention rate of those still with them after a year is less than 50%!!

Yes, traditional sales skills are still needed!

But it’s online communication that gets those critical sales conversations started in the first place!

So, my advice…of course, you want strong sales skills 

BUT, but 

You also want them to have a strong personal brand as well as a strong digital network.

From there you can have a great chance of helping them develop an amazing career with your organization while building your company’s revenues and digital dominance! 

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