How to WIN Deals By Being Different Than Your Competition

One of the hardest parts of selling today is booking the first meeting. 

Competition is high and buyers time is limited. 

Plus, most buyers don’t want to talk to a seller. 

They want to talk with a sales professional is is different. 

How can you be different than your competitors?

1. Don’t lead with asking for a demo

2. Don’t lead with sending a connection request

3. Don’t tell your prospects that your company and services are different than your competitors. Demonstrate it consistently with content. 

4. Engage with your prospects socially by commenting on social posts they have Liked or commented on

5. Through your social engagement and publishing content, demonstrate that you understand their challenges and offer real solutions BEFORE asking for their time. 

Through consistent social activity and demonstrating your value, buyer’s choose to invest their time with you. This is your biggest competitive advantage. But, you have to do this type of digital prospecting and social prospecting to earn it. 

It’s time to invest your time in  activities that actually create meetings with prospects rather than lead them to ignore your outreach. 

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