The Revenue Operating System

How much of your budget is digital?

This is an exceptional article that demands a read…

“The overwhelming customer preference for digital engagement – amplified by a revolution in AI and explosion in new digital touchpoints – has reallocated two-thirds of growth budgets to “owned” digital selling channels. The shift to “4D” selling has transformed the go-to-market approach of 97% of organizations, according to research by the Wharton School of Business.”

“The average organization uses over 20 digitally enabled marketing, sales and service channels to engage prospects and customers over the revenue cycle. As a result, commercial technology and “owned” sales and marketing channels now represent 25% and 35% of operating spend respectively, displacing paid media and the overhead that supports field sales according to the Revenue Operating System report.” 

If your not leveraging digital selling to build your business and customer growth, it may be too late. 

According to the research highlighted in this article, your competitors are way ahead of you.

Time to understand what this really means.

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This article is published on:https://www.forbes.com/sites/stephendiorio/2022/03/15/the-revenue-operating-system/?sh=4c436bb44a15

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