What is Sales Enablement? Part 2

What is Sales Enablement Part 2

What sales and marketing activities work in 2022?

Let’s go through the list…

  • Cold Emailing; Time-consuming with poor results, annoying to those whose email is already full of spam 
  • Trade Shows; Costly, mostly attended by salespeople as the key buyers no longer attend as in the past
  • Cold Calling; Time-consuming with poor results, annoying to customers and buyers 
  • Networking events; In today’s world these have all but disappeared
  • Face to face meetings; Once again in today’s world these have all but disappeared
  • Corporate marketing campaigns and paid advertising; Expensive and again with diminishing results!

Hmmm, what does that leave us from our old sales & marketing playbooks? 

Well, the truth is that most of today’s “Sales Enablement” solutions and platforms still rely on many of these activities and have simply automated them…

However, there are some “Sales Enablement” tools and solutions that add “Digital Enablement”, to the process

Now we’re talking!

But what are the digital activities that work for 2022? 

  • Digital prospecting; finding contacts and companies online and connecting with them
  • Digital engagement; engaging with contacts and customers online where they are
  • Digital educating; providing value-added content online where customers are and via microsites
  • Digital meetings; arranging demo’s and presentations online where customers can quickly meet with us
  • Digital customer experience; meeting with customers online regularly to stay on top of needs and help grow their business with our solutions, again where they are … online

These activities are also part of “Sales Enablement” but how?

That’s Part 3!

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