How Content Marketing Helps Startups Build Brand Identity

Contrary to popular belief, content marketing is more than just about SEO. Plus, content marketing iS ABOUT lead generation and revenue growth. The line between marketing and sales generation is getting more and more blurry.


In our web-based and social landscape, marketing IS a Sales activity. When marketing was mostly offline, it was easy to distinguish marketing activities from sales activities. But with so much sales activities occurring via email, social and chat bots, marketing content is more important to the sales process than ever.

This article is directed at small businesses but it is applicable to any size business. Give it a read.

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This is the essence of content marketing and can help startups build a unique brand identity that helps them … A chat feature is simple and provides answers they seek easily. In case it’s not known already, SEO, which stands for search engine optimisation is a crucial part of content writing. It’s all about making the content more search …

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