Two for 2022: CEO priorities

Keep it simple!

Trying to do too many things at once almost never works

If you have “2” key goals for 2022, consider these:

“Digital transformation” & “Employee wellbeing”

For Sales & Marketing;

If you haven’t already adopted 1:1 personalized video with Loom, Vidyard in your sales process now is the time

Sales enablement tools such as Funnel Amplified can be very cost-effective platforms to target and nurture prospects, without coming across as impersonal or robotic

For customer experience:

Consistent communication and finding ways to provide customers with immediate support options will be essential to customer retention, this means online and digital communication

Lastly, employee’s are now more active than ever and if the focus is not put on meeting their needs while creating a fun and supportive culture, they will not be with you for long

Using a fun and interactive employee advocacy tool can help to get your people involved while improving your brand presence and building sales

Keep it simple and get it done!


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