The Top Digital Trends To Watch In 2022

Your top digital trends for 2022!? 

I love this statement ;

“The biggest brand victories and failures won’t be won or lost on traditional commercials. They’ll happen on TikTok, Instagram, eSports, and smart speakers”

You may think this will only apply to retail or B2C…but you would be wrong, this applies to B2B as well!

What are the digital trends to watch for 2022:

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality 

  • Maybe not ready for prime time, but don’t kid yourself it’s coming to a business meeting near you…

 Voice Search

  • Happening now as read this! With smart devices everywhere this is how people search more and more, if your not there…you do not exist!

Digital Payment

  • This one you know and do already, but this will reach a whole new level reaching all payments including B2B


  • One of my favorites, whether it’s Instagram Reels or TikTok…this is where video is going and where customers of all kinds are flocking
  • Try a micro-video on your content hub and see how it does!!! Oh, don’t have one of those either! Ask me how…

Nano-Influencer Marketing

  • Another favorite…did you know the highest engagement rates come from micro and nano influencers? Time to rethink this…

Which of these are you on top of and which do you need to learn more about? 

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