Why Is Personal Branding Important?

My friend and coach Gary Henderson has one of the best minds when it comes to digital marketing. I have watched him create strategies for solopreneurs and businesses and they have had amazing success. 

His grasp of the value of personal branding is just as impressive. I know a lot of my FunnelAmplified clients may roll their eyes at a topic of personal branding because your brand is so important. But, consider this. So many companies are starting to look alike. Buyers are struggling to keep track of who is who. 

But, they are still connecting with industry experts and industry influencers.  

Let me ask you this question. If all of your sales reps were known as industry experts and influencers, how would that influence their pipelines?  What about their quotas and ever better, their average deal sizes? 

Take a read on personal branding and let me know when we can talk about how to implement the FunnelAmplified Buyer Enablement platform (like this one you are on) for your team to build personal brands at scale. 

This article is published on:https://www.digitalmarketing.org/blog/why-is-personal-branding-important

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