Can social selling work for BDRs and SDRs?

Our DLA Ignite partner, Timothy Hughes, is the global leader in social selling. He literally wrote the book on it.

I have wanted to write an article on social selling and SDR’s. However, when Tim wrote his I decided to just leverage his insights. So, this is based on Tim’s article. Click “Read the Article” below to link to the original article.

This information is so important because the SDR model is the foundation  of most sales strategies currently. SDR model is designed to be efficient. A sales professional who is focused on cold outreach and setting up meetings and conversations for an account executive. The question that gets asked often is how can an SDR who tends to be young and less experienced than their ideal customers (buyers) use social with credibility and be effective.

Here are 3 key insights from the article that is most important for SDR Managers or sales leaders.

1. An SDR LinkedIn profile that positions them as a sales person will have the lowest response rates and engagement with their ideal prospects. Other LinkedIn users are less likely to connect and engage with a younger person whose LinkedIn profile is like a resume and positions the SDR as a sales person. Customers don’t wan to be sold.

2. LinkedIn is a sea of sameness. SDR’s who want more senior level prospective customers to accept connection requests and respond to the SDR, the SDR needs to have more conversation and less pitching. An SDR is trained and focused on serving customers with insights and information. SDR’s who share content and valuable insights get more meetings that those who send messages asking for meetings alone.

3. Results. The DLA Ignite (and FunnelAmplified) model increases connection requests acceptances, increases meetings created and has a higher percentage of conversations that lead to opportunities.


Ideal prospects are willing to communicate with sales professionals who lead with more human, personal social messages. They time an SDR uses to build rapport and connection before asking for a meeting is the difference between a successful SDR and a struggling one.

This article is published on:https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/can-social-selling-work-me-sdr-timothy-tim-hughes-%25E6%258F%2590%25E5%25A7%2586-%25E4%25BC%2591%25E6%2596%25AF/?trackingId=K%2BozttxnTom%2B9IqihF%2Fy7Q%3D%3D

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