Championing Digital Transformation: Start With 8 Steps

Digital transformation is the hot new buzz word and is driving a multi-trillion dollar investment push over the next few years. It was already being discussed by teams all over the world but Covid-19 added to the urgency. 

In a survey referenced in this article, only 22% of employees felt that their companies were adequately provides training and tools to take advantage of new digital technologies. If you are in a company that is looking for massive moves in digital technologies, this article has some great insights. 

Most companies should look at piloting new technology in specific use cases. Using new technology with a small team is a great way for companies to test new tools and new systems without disrupting the currently normal operating systems. 

At FunnelAmplified, we find our best customers are those who use this approach to adopting our innovate platform. Most companies don’t like it when a customer wants to start small. However, we have found our best customers start small, discover clear wins and then add more users to our platform. It is also a very smart method to approach change and new tech.  

How is your company adopting change? Do you feel well equipped with the best technology and tools you need to be most successful? I hope so! 

This article is published on:https://www.gallup.com/workplace/343019/championing-digital-transformation-start-steps.aspx

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