How to Sell More by Being Human

Simply being human pays off!  

Especially when the goal is to create more meetings and have more first conversations with ideal customers. 

Think of being human as building a personal brand that consistently “speaks” to your industry, your ideal customers and potential buyers who you are holistically.  

Buyers don’t want jargon or grandiose words.  They read plenty of jargon on company websites. They simply want to make good decisions and that means they need to be comfortable having real conversations.

In b2b and professional service, purchases are not merely transactions for buyers. Buyers seek to make the best decisions for themselves and their companies. This means they are not only looking for the best solution, they are looking for the right partner to support them.

Sales professionals can demonstrate who they are and what else they bring to the buyer’s solution by being more human. This means being more authentic on social media, in emails and on calls.

Authenticity simply means being real. Be real and have real, meaningful conversations and engagement with buyers. That is what they are looking for in their buying process.  

Don’t allow the sales activity of creating content and engaging with buyers scare you off from being a digital seller. It is really not that difficult. As a sales person, your voice and your experience is all you need. Sellers are not representing the marketing department and buyers expect your voice to be different than corporate speak. In fact, they demand it from sales professionals who the select for helping them with their challenges.

Sales professionals have conversations everyday. Translating or moving those conversations in the form of content is the best way to continually communicate and educate your prospects. List all the questions customers ask and then write social posts and blog articles that answer their questions. If one buyer had the question, it is easy to expect more buyers will also have those questions.

Even if they have not asked them yet.

Sharing this type of content and building a personal brand around sharing content from your experiences is the cornerstone of a successful, modern sales career. Don’t act like a salesperson from the 80’s. Buyers do not have an appetite to engage with a transactional seller.  They reward sales professionals who continually demonstrate knowledge, experience and insights from their day to day activity with customers.

Remember a sales conversation is  just two people talking.

The real intention from any sales behavior needs to address one of these. When buyers engage with content, they want one of three things from content. Your job, in order to create more meetings and first conversations with customers is to regularly create and share content that meets one of these 3 things.

Educate them

Engage them

Entertain them.

Think about content you share from the buyer’s perspective. Since buyers are looking to be educated, they need content that adds more than just the transaction.

Because buyers have so many options, when sales professionals act more like a human, especially in social media, they have the opportunity to demonstrate to buyers their ability to add additional value, insights and experience to help buyers make the best decision.

But, it goes beyond just their decision. It leads buyers to understand there is a service that goes with the purchase decision that adds value to buyers and their companies.

Key actions to be more Human on social media are:

Engage with your prospects where they are in social media. Engage with their posts and engage with posts that they engage with.

Comment. A social Like is just okay in my opinion. A comment is engagement.  A comment is when your voice is spoken and heard. A comment is where sales can be heard and add value to conversations. Plus, a comment gets the added bonus of ensuring buyer’s get a notification of your comment.  

Share content from your voice. It is great when companies create content for sales professionals to share on their personal social media account. But, buyers will read social posts that are created from sales professionals who are sharing their experiences.

Be consistent. Social media is not hard. It just takes consistency. Just like a cold call cadence or a cold email cadence, a social cadence requires consistency. When sales professionals are top of mind, they win more deals.

Take your sales career in your own hands. Build your personal brand. It will help you close more deals now but also open up doors for future opportunities.

If you are ready to learn how to build your personal brand and generate more first conversations with ideal customers, join our free training program. 

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It’s time to take your career in your own hands.

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