The Sales Bell

The Sales Bell

Please tell me you still do not have one of these?

Do you remember the stand-up comic “Jeff Foxworthy” and his famous routine…

“You might be a redneck if…”

Well…”You might be an out-of-date organization if…”

1. You still have a sales bell that your sales team go up and ring upon making a sale

2. You only hire salespeople who can out-talk everyone in the room

3. Your key sales activity is cold calling

4. Your second main sales activity is cold emailing prospects 

5. Your third sales activity is trade shows and networking events

6. Your sales team are expected to meet with new customers in their offices

7. Your biggest hope every month is that you get more leads from marketing than you did the previous month

8. You rely on paid advertising to provide all the new sales opportunities you need

9. You think that next month everything will get back to “normal” and sales levels will return

10. You think your sales team turnover is due to the tough economic times and they will come back when things get back to normal! 

Hmmm, it’s worse than I thought…let’s address each of these


1. Get rid of the bell and ship it back to the ’90s

2. Hire only digitally certified salespeople, not analog (another article!)

3. Learn how to engage with prospects and customers online

4. Learn how to engage with prospects and customers online 

5. Get professionally trained and certified in Digital Sales Enablement … THEN have your teams trained in Digital Selling

6. Salespeople can still meet with customers but now only when necessary and in most cases, it’s just no longer a necessity

7. If Sales is still following a sales process from the 90’s it’s likely marketing is not much better so I would not be counting on those leads!

8. Organic inbound leads and opportunities will take you into the future via digital marketing & Digital Selling, while more paid advertising will devastate your budgets with catastrophic results

9. “Normal” is not coming back, ever. The new normal is “Digital”, virtual, online, and social…period.

10. Your turnover is high because your sales team are leaving to join a sales organization with a certified social selling program in place for 2022


Q1 is flying by…how are you going to hit your numbers for the next 3 quarters?

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